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Private lessons

For older students who would like to benefit from a personalized curriculum and a more focused learning experience, I have two types of one-to-one private lessons in the studio: general Drawing & Painting lessons that cover many different types of mediums, and Digital Drawing lessons. You can switch between the lesson types at any time (they are priced differently, so tuition will be adjusted as needed).


Drawing & Painting (one-on-one)

A general drawing and painting class that focuses specifically on 2D mediums. The objective of this class is to help students explore subject matter that they are personally interested in, while exposing them to different types of mediums and techniques that they may not have access to on their own. We'll use inks, paints, and a variety of tools to get away from just regular pencil drawing. Each class experience is very personalized - I listen to what each student is interested in, and structure lesson plans around that. My goal is to help each student obtain confidence and the feeling of mastery over a variety of art tools and techniques, so that they can then use these tools to express their own artistic voice.

Rates and details

(This is for the private lesson - for the group class, click here!)
Age Range: 10 and up
Class duration: 1.5 h
Price per class: $45

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by Maia, age 11 (check out her deviantart)

Digital Drawing

Digital drawings are my bread-and-butter! In these private one-on-one lessons, I'll show students how to use professional drawing and painting software to create illustrations on the computer from start-to-finish. Perfect for teens or adults who are interested in concept art, illustration, or comics, and who already have a good grasp of drawing fundamentals.

No prior experience with digital art is needed! Beginners and intermediate digital artists are welcome - the curriculum will be customized to suit your experience and interests.

For beginners, we'll be using Paint Tool SAI to learn the basics of digital art. It's a more intuitive program than Photoshop, but many of the principles we learn will transfer over to Photoshop, as well as most other drawing and painting programs.

All equipment is provided. The studio is equipped with a large screen computer, and the newest pen tablet from Wacom. Students may also bring in their own laptops and equipment if they prefer their own setup.

FREE TRIAL CLASS: If you've never taken a class with me before, I invite you to come to the studio for a free trial art class. This free class is 1 hour long and all supplies are provided. Please email me ( to arrange a time.

Private lesson rates and details

Ages: 12 and up (adults welcome)
Class duration: 1.5 hours
Tuition per class: $50

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